Why your business is missing a big opportunity with Google in market audiences

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In Market Audiences

Most people aren’t aware of Google’s In-Market Audiences and how big an opportunity it is for businesses trying to reach their target audience.

To see what I mean, I recommend you navigate to your Google Analytics account and click on Audience > Interests > In-Market Segments.

From there, you’ll see what markets people are in when they are searching your website.

This is a great opportunity to run a Google Adwords campaign using the Google Display Network to show advertising for your product or service to ready made buyers.

Consider how your product relates to those in the market segments shown in your Analytics account.

It’s a great insight into what categories they’re interested in right now, and some synergies might appear.

So go ahead, try a Google In-Market advertising campaign and see how they perform. The clicks are cheap as chips (much cheaper than keyword bids) and can drive new sales.