Why does a free consultation fail to convert?

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You’ve probably offered a free consultation right? Yep, me too.

Unfortunately you’ve probably also faced the same problem I did, and millions of others are right now. Free Consultations barely convert.

In this video I explain a few reasons why and what you can do about it.

Now that you’re thinking a free consultation might not be the best call to action, here’s ¬†few things to ponder to get a call to action that converts.

  1. Lets put the customer first. Consider how they view your ‘free consultation’ and how you can overcome the negative feelings associated with that.
  2. Consider a benefit driven offer instead.
  3. Reduce friction and fast-track an option so your potential customers are more likely to call.
  4. Re-frame your sales conversations.
  5. Set up a good follow up system (Marketing Automation and good CRMs can do this nicely).

Offers that are similar, but might perform better are;

  1. Discovery calls
  2. Strategy sessions
  3. Free diagnostic
  4. Free assessment
  5. Personalised webinar

There are a lot of options, these are just a few. Your ultimate goal is to differentiate yourself from the others who offer free consultations and give more confidence to your prospective customers so they will connect with you.